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Design Plan 2

Our Tips To Help With Your Kitchen Plan

The Working Triangle.

The position of your hob, fridge and sink 'The Triangle', often has a surface area in between; whether that is an island or standard units. This always helps with the practicality of using your kitchen. You also might consider some tall units near the fridge. This will help to keep food items in one location.

Many elements of your kitchen design can implement a particular style to your kitchen. A clean kitchen design with good lines will often reflect a modern style. This can also be enhanced by the Profile Edge chosen on your surface. A Sharknose edge, for instance, is a very popular option to compliment and offer more practicality with a handleless kitchen. See the profile Edges here.

TELTOS Has Arrived!

Teltos is one of the fastest growing Quartz companies in the world. Growing at rapid rates, the company is already in high demand across America, Europe and Australia.

Now introduced into Wales, Cardiff Marble are sole providers of Teltos Quartz with just over 200 slabs in stock. Containing many 'Natural' veined materials, Teltos provides some of the best Marble alternative surfaces we have ever seen. Offered at competitive rates, the material is worth viewing at our showroom.

You can find our address details along with a map here.

The surface, which is 93% natural, is completely non-porous. This is a great property to have for everyday use around the kitchen but particularly at advantage around young children. When food spills are inevitable you do not need to worry about stains. Simply wipe them away with a damp cloth!

With 12 colours in the range, you will be spoilt for choice. We strongly recommend you view the material for yourself to witness the beauty it has to offer.

View the full Teltos range here

Paint Options

You Don't Need a New Kitchen To Refresh Your Space

Your kitchen has been in for some time and you are looking at the options to refresh the space. Here are a few ideas that may help spark inspiration.

Wall Paint can often be one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways to refresh your kitchen space. A lighter colour can often lift a dark room and help reflect light, but don’t forget to choose a colour that will be picked up in your cabinets. Greys are a popular colour but not always suited to kitchen cabinets; Why not try a shade of stone?

Crown offer a ‘Scrubble Paint’ that offers high resistance to stains and great for high traffic area’s. It could be the perfect solution to an easy kitchen paint.

Handles are one of the simplest changes to a kitchen. It can offer a face lift at little expense. – Remember to look for handles that have the same screw hole fixing positions. This will eliminate the need to fill existing holes in the doors.

Worktops can totally transform the kitchen. Click Here to see some examples. We have provided many surfaces for customers looking to refresh a tired area. A simple and cost effective solution.


Something Different

Jack Laverick, a 24 year old ceramic designer, has these beautiful Marbled Pots for sale. These striking designs are the perfect addition to your new work surface. In particular, they compliment the 'Natural' range from TELTOS very well!

Pop along to Jacks Website by clicking the button below.

Marbled Geometric Pot £15.00

Need somewhere to eat while your kitchen is being installed?

Take a look at The Miskin Arms.

The beautifully renovated interior boasts a warm and friendly atmosphere while maintaining the character of the original grade two listed building.

The Miskin Arms is the perfect location to enjoy a great meal with friends and family or a relaxing drink in our cosy bar.

Small Kitchen?

Do You have a small kitchen? Wondering how you can make the most out of your space?

There are many elements to consider when planning your space. Think about 'lines'. Is it important to look up and extend the room into a tall ceiling? Would you benefit from horizontal paneling or doors to extend the length of the room?

Wall units, door fronts, shelves and decoration can help draw the eye to open up your small space.

Think about your unit colour and worktop choice. With a light colour Granite or Quartz on your surface you can help bounce light around the room, increasing it's vibrance and opening up the space. With lighter worktops you could even chose a darker door to offer a contrast in the kitchen without losing any reflective light.

Take a look at this article from Houzz. They have some brilliant ideas.

Tips To Save You Money


Whether you are dealing with a large project in your house or even just changing door fronts and work tops, money management is almost everyones key agenda. 

Remember that managing projects yourself can help save some costs. This of course needs consideration when looking at what needs to be completed and your skills to manage the project. If you are unable to manage your project correctly, in some cases you could encounter more costs.

Decoration is a task that most people could take to. Painting the area yourself could help save the cost of a third party. Why not get the kids involved or pull in the family for a favour. This can also help speed things up.

When looking at purchasing your worktops, you are likely to be coming to the end of your project. Don't lose out on those dream Granite or Quartz surfaces and take advantage of payment options. With availability to spread costs over a period of time you can now afford the finishing touch to transform your kitchen. We have many options that can help you manage your payments; from low interest rates to completely interest FREE! 

Find out more details by clicking the button below.

Laptop On Marble Top

Marble Is Modern


Marble is a material that is no longer desired in a kitchen. It will scratch. It will stain. It is not user-friendly for any family kitchen in 2017.

But we have some products you will love!

With the current demand to see 'Marble' back in kitchens, many Quartz manurfacturers have designed 'Marble' looking materials with the benefit of Quartz.

Quartz is a material that is Non-Porous and Stain Resistant. A good choice for a kitchen surface! With many designs on the market, some great and some poor, you have the ability to bring back the trend and settle it into your family home.

As a company, we have worked hard to distinguish which of these options would be the best for our customers. We have a selection of materials that not only look fantastic but can also be very competitive in costs.

Why not visit our showrooms with your plans and view the material for your self!