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Undermounted Sink & Tap

This brilliant offer is only available while stocks last! With the option of three different sized sinks, you could save upwards of £350.00!

10m2 Porcelain Floor Tiles

Will you be looking for a new floor as part of your project? Why not take up our offer of FREE porcelain tiles. If you need more than the allocated 10m2, we'll even offer them to you at half price!

Customer Feedback


Mr Williams

"We were fortunate enough to take up Cardiff Marble on their Free Undermounted sink & Tap offer. This saved us £420 against the options we were going to purchase. We are so pleased with the finished result. Thank you!"

TPG perrham

Mrs Thomas

"The tiles give us a brilliant finish to the kitchen. They really have lightened the room. We needed 14m2, but with 10m2 FREE and the rest at half price we saved over £700! The worktops look fantastic. I can't wait to have the family round."


Surplus Stock

Each colour of our Granite stock is hand selected from the country of origin by us. When looking at a particular colour, you will find all slabs are from the same batch. It is our policy that we never cross or mix any batches of material in either Granite or Quartz.

For this reason we do have a number of slabs that have come the end of the batch and aren't quite big enough to use for a whole kitchen. 

This material is perfect for table tops, fire places, bathroom vanity tops etc. Although in perfect condition, due to the material being end of line, this is available at a well reduced rate.

With many colours to chose from, we would highly recommend you visit our showroom to view the material with a template or sizes of the piece(s) you require.

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