Natural Granite

300 Million Year Old Stone ..... In Your Home!


All of our Granite is put through a quality control. This means that your finished kitchen is perfected by a stone that will last a lifetime.


Granite is 100% Natural. Over 300 Million years of movement in the earth has created the hundreds of different colours and shades that we now use in our homes.


Granite is resistant against heat, which is a perfect element for the kitchen. Treated, sealed & waterproofed, it will also be resistant against immediate staining; although we do advise to clean up any spillage with a damp cloth.

"Hand Selected From Country Of Origin"

Cardiff Marble are the largest stockists of Natural Granite in South Wales.

When purchasing natural Granite for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s worth remembering that your choice of stone could be over 300 million years old. Quarries are found all over the world, which accounts for the immense variation in colour and vein structure. Virtually all the images you will see here are taken by us and represent the actual material we currently hold in stock. Although we work hard to maintain these images, it is worth visiting our showroom to view our stock, as quantities may change and colours may vary slightly to the photograph.

Please note that our Granite stock is constantly being updated. Visit our showroom and view the material for yourself.


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"Different Edge Profiles Can Add Character To Your Kitchen"

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