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Cardiff Blues Captain, Nick Williams, chooses Cardiff Marble

Nick Williams, Captain for Cardiff Blues rugby, came to us a few months back along with his wife Gemma. They explored the vast array of material within our stock and finally selected for the Bianco Statuario Quartz surface.

This open plan kitchen has been designed and modeled around existing walls and cookers to maximize space. The fresh but classic feel has been very well completed by Nick & Gemma.

With the new kitchen needing to be practical for their children, Quartz was the perfect choice. The material comes with a 15 year warranty and with ‘stain resistant’ qualities it was an easy choice for the couple.

Keeping a white and grey theme throughout, this inviting space is now the perfect area to socialise with the family and watch the rugby!

Like this Kitchen?

Cardiff Marble Work with DIY SOS & BBC

Over the course of 2 days, we worked with DIY SOS and their design team to turn around 6 stunning kitchens for a charity in Swansea.

The charity 'Roots Foundation' work with young adults in foster care and help them in their preparations for life as an adult. From cooking and cleaning, to setting up bank accounts and managing their money. 

When the BBC approached us to work on the project we did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity to help this amazing charity.

For weeks leading up to the project we were in constant communication on the design of the kitchens. Specifying every detail from the start was the key to a smooth installation on the day. 

As filming started and the clock started to tick, our team jumped in and helped where ever they could. Once the kitchens were in place, we worked with laser templating technology to give us a millimetre perfect measurement. While on site in Swansea, the digital files were sent back to our team in Cardiff who started production on the kitchens.

As our installations started we worked into the dead of night to ensure that all of the surfaces were perfectly installed for the Roots Foundation charity.

The result was stunning and we at Cardiff Marble are proud to have been involved in the work, along with many other trades, that has help children in South Wales.

DIY SOS BBC Children In Need

Cardiff Marble Travel To India

Frequently, our team travelled over 10,000 miles to the south of India. Here we spent 7+ days searching for the best material for our customers.

We travel the world every 6/8 weeks to inspect and purchase more of the best materials form around the world.

While in India, we were very aware that the colour trends of late have been 'light' - this being mostly ‘Whites’. While searching through quarries and production facilities we came across some stunning colours that we know our customers would love.

Something Different

Need some inspirational food to cook in your new kitchen?

It's time to get creative in your new kitchen! Why not pop on over to Bloom Eats on Instagram. Jess Bloom has some food ideas that will make your mouths water.


Protection For Your Surfaces

This Franke Rollamat is the perfect everyday item that is essential for your kitchen. While we recommend a trivett matt for all surfaces, it is of most importance that you use one with a Quartz surface.

These matts can be ordered through us when you order your surfaces.

Tips To Save You Money


Whether you are dealing with a large project in your house or even just changing door fronts and work tops, money management is almost everyones key agenda. 

Remember that managing projects yourself can help save some costs. This of course needs consideration when looking at what needs to be completed and your skills to manage the project. If you are unable to manage your project correctly, in some cases you could encounter more costs.

Decoration is a task that most people could take to. Painting the area yourself could help save the cost of a third party. Why not get the kids involved or pull in the family for a favour. This can also help speed things up.

When looking at purchasing your worktops, you are likely to be coming to the end of your project. Don't lose out on those dream Granite or Quartz surfaces and take advantage of payment options. With availability to spread costs over a period of time you can now afford the finishing touch to transform your kitchen. We have many options that can help you manage your payments; from low interest rates to completely interest FREE! 

Find out more details by clicking the button below.

Marble Is Modern

Marble is a material that is no longer desired in a kitchen. It will scratch. It will stain. It is not user-friendly for any family kitchen in 2017.

But we have some products you will love!

With the current demand to see 'Marble' back in kitchens, many Quartz manurfacturers have designed 'Marble' looking materials with the benefit of Quartz.

Quartz is a material that is Non-Porous and Stain Resistant. A good choice for a kitchen surface! With many designs on the market, some great and some poor, you have the ability to bring back the trend and settle it into your family home.

As a company, we have worked hard to distinguish which of these options would be the best for our customers. We have a selection of materials that not only look fantastic but can also be very competitive in costs.

Why not visit our showrooms with your plans and view the material for your self!

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