Styles of Profile Edges for Worktops

When choosing a worktop, you need to decide on the profile edge you want. The profile edge is the edge of the worktop that is visible when it is installed. There are many different styles of profile edges to choose from.

The most common profile edge is the bullnose edge. This is a curved edge that is rounded off. The other common profile edge is the eased edge. This is a straight edge that is slightly curved.

There are also many different types of specialty profile edges to choose from. These include the sharknose edge, the drop edge, and the ogee edge. Look through the list and you can discuss it with our sales team.

Chamfer Edge Cardiff Marble


The most simple of edges. Clean and sharp.

Pencil Round Edge Cardiff Marble

Pencil Round

A small pencil round on the top, bottom and corners of the surface. This small round is worked by hand and offers a superb resistance to the accidental impact of pots & pans in the kitchen.

Sharknose Edge 2 Cardiff Marble_BLACK LINE


This modern edge looks beautiful in any kitchen, especially with handleless doors. The edge shows a thin top edge but still maintaining the 30mm solid thickness surface which most customers prefer.

Half Bullnose Edge Cardiff Marble

Half Bullnose

Traditional with a twist. The Half Bullnose is a beautiful edge with a  difference. No sharp edges, soft, elegant. Beautiful with the shaker style door.



A more traditional look that fits perfectly in the right setting. This soft profile can take away those sharp lines from a kitchen encouraging a tactile feel to your surfaces.

Ogee Edging Cardiff Marble


Shaker or Traditional style kitchen? This may be the perfect finish.  Offering that classic look to the stone.

Drop Edge 2 Cardiff Marble copy

Drop Edge

Using 30/20/12mm material, we can perfect an edge that you can manipulate to almost any thickness. The mitre joint is almost seamless and hard to see. Perfect for the 'Chunky' look.

View The Different Edges For Yourself!

View the different edges all on display at our purpose built showroom. It may just help you decide on your stye of kitchen.

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