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"We Implement A 'Re-Investment Policy' Here At Cardiff Marble. This Allows Us To Maintain State Of The Art Machinery & Material, Ensuring You Get The Highest Quality Finished Result."

The Range of Quartz Suppliers and Colours

Oyster Quartz

Oyster Quartz offer the best 'Marble Alternative' material on the market. Competitively priced, this quartz offers a beautiful range of colours that can all be viewed at our showroom.


A German company with German manufacturing standards. Now with a 25 year warranty, you will not be disappointed with their wide range of colours that you can choose from.


One of the leading providers of Quartz surfaces, Silestone offer a wide range of colours and finishes. As approved fabricators, we have access to a wide range of colours & textures.


One of the worlds first Quartz manufacturers, Caesarstone offer some truly stunning colours that can offer a wider choice to your kitchen surface selection.

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Why Quartz?

Our Customers Often Ask Us Why Quartz Will Benefit Them?

Non Porous

No stains, no absorption; making the perfect surface for a busy kitchen. Quartz is a non-porous material. This means that it is highly resistant to stains from coffee, vinegar, lemon juice and many more products.


93% Natural! Although a manufactured stone, Quartz is predominantly a natural material, which is why it offers the advantages of being a strong, hygienic and a beautiful surface with the added bonus of a wide colour choice and finishes. With a small amount of resin in the surface, no Quartz is heatproof and we do advise customers to use heat mats with extreme temperatures.


Quality and standards can differ between manufacturers. Here at Cardiff Marble, we test all of the products to ensure they meet the high quality standards that we set out as a company. This ensures that all of our customers can be satisfied with their choice of material.

Recent Projects In Quartz

Calacatta Borghini

Calacatta Borghini

Corchia Gold Quartz

Corchia Gold

Oro Bellissimo

Oro Bellissimo

Bianco Tempesta Quartz

Bianco Tempesta

What About Granite?

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