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Up Close Images

Soft 3D - Feel the vein indentation on the surface of the material. It's just like the real thing!
Full 3D - Where the vein continues through the body of the slab to help give the feel of real natural stone.


MATERIA is a brand of ABKGROUP, a leading company in the ceramic sector for over 25 years, with a turnover that today places it rightfully among the top players in the Emilia ceramic district in Italy.

Porcelain slab for kitchen countertops

MATERIA porcelain stoneware slabs are used to create kitchen countertops and with their use it is possible to reproduce in a surprising way the elegance of marble, the naturalness of natural stones. The size of the slabs, 3230mm x 1635mm, is ideal to recreate any type of shape.

Surprising technical features

Due to their technical characteristics, MATERIA slabs represent an innovation: they are eco-sustainable, resistant to impacts, scratches and thermal shocks; they are resistant to chemicals, frost-resistant and easy to clean: they are therefore perfect for creating kitchen worktops. Thanks to the application of the latest production technologies, it was possible to create one of the most reliable and performing kitchen tops ever seen so far. Porcelain stoneware, being very resistant, guarantees maximum practicality and reliability.

Wide range of different surfaces

The stylistic offer of MATERIA constitute a real kaleidoscope of surfaces available. The different graphic textures allow you to play with your imagination to create kitchen countertops in different styles. Be inspired by the charm of MATERIA products for a stone-effect kitchen top, or immerse yourself in the elegant veins inspired by the most precious, classic or exotic marbles, for a breathtaking result.

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