Quartzfroms provide outstanding quality and a vast array of colours. With a 25 year warranty, this is a brand you can trust. Below you will find a wide selection of unique colours and patterns that you will not find anywhere else. Be unique, chose Quartzforms.

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Quartzforms Ecotone

Quartzforms Ecotone

Quartzforms are proud to introduce Ecotone. A production process that relies heavily on energy from renewable sources, such as wind, solar and biomass. Almost complete recycling of water used by the systems. A constant commitment to research and innovation. All this to create and offer you an engineered stone of priceless beauty: Ecotone™

There is a growing need to reconsider the relationship between natural and artificial to create spaces where materials of different natures coexist and enhance each other. Quartzforms® took this concept further through research and experimentation, making the first Ecotone™ slabs with a more sustainable formula to reduce their environmental impact

This has led to Ecotone™, the new generation of slabs containing recycled glass, bio-based resin and less than 5% silica content*. In nature, an ecotone is a transition area between two ecosystems or distinct entities; similarly, this collection aims to represent a transition from a traditional manufacturing process to one that is more respectful of our planet.

The New Era collection makes its debut with four new Ecotone™ slabs, fully expressing the unparalleled aesthetic and technical qualities that have always set Quartzforms® apart.
Gold is a bright slab with warm-toned veining, while fine and rarefied light-coloured streaks furrow the marine green Atlantis. The grey Mystic reveals sudden gleams of light; a texture of elusive flashes illuminates the anthracite black Nirvana.
Four seductive surfaces, with classical references and a contemporary mood.

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Quartzforms Ecotone
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